Our Environment

At Little Owl, we believe we shortchange our children when we provide them with an uninspiring learning environment. This can negatively impact learning. If children are not motivated and inspired, then they will not learn. Therefore, stimulating learning environments are essential for young children’s growth. Research suggests that an environment that nurtures learning provides the necessary resources and time for investigative play and experimentation. It is one in which children are free and motivated to make choices and to explore answers without feeling intimidated. Opportunities such as these provide the development of critical thinking skills.


The Third Teacher

At Little Owl, great attention is given to the look and feel of the classroom. Environment is considered the "third teacher." Teachers carefully organize space for small and large group projects and small intimate spaces for one, two or three children.

Documentation of children's work, tapestries, plants, flowers and various collections that children may have created are displayed both at the children's and adult eye level. This demonstrates the belief that children have a right to be educated in thoughtfully designed spaces.

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